Children's furniture problems in the structural safety and warning signs
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In April 5th, the Beijing Municipal Trade and Industry Bureau on the market sales of furniture as well asOffice furnitureClass of goods for sampling, the results show that children's furniture accounted for more than half of the above, a number of well-known brands are on the black list, sampling substandard projects mainly concentrated in the structural safety and warning signs. In March, the Shanghai industry and Commerce Bureau announced the children's furniture is not qualified projects are mainly concentrated in two aspects of structural safety and warning signs. These two indicators belong to the national mandatory standards, which are important safety performance indicators. The safety of the structure problem details see Children's furniture structure safety performance in many aspects, one of the most common is the corner is not rounded, holes and gaps card fingers, furniture 600mm are higher than that of no fixed and sealed space, no ventilation, mechanical property testing standards such as. Because of the problems involved in the structural safety manifestations, the extent of the damage done to children are not the same, & ldquo; general conditions & rdquo; for this series of questions that have clearly defined, consumers can also through these details to determine children's furniture is safe enough. In order to avoid dangerous or & ldquo; general conditions & rdquo; regulations, children's furniture should not have dangerous sharp edge and cutting-edge, edges and edge parts shall be subject to rounding chamfer processing, and set the fillet radius or inverted arc length limit value, the product from the ground height 1600mm following position of contact angle shall be subject to rounding processing and rounded radius of not less than 10mm, or inverted arc length not less than 15mm; furniture made of rigid material and in the use process may cause harm, danger and palpable prominent parts, should be the end of the bend or protective cap or cover to effectively increase may be associated with skin contact area stab or scratch children. & ldquo; general conditions & rdquo; also provides that products rigid material, the depth of more than 10mm holes and gaps, the diameter or gap should be less than 6 mm or greater than or equal to 12 mm; the gap products can contact between the moving parts should be less than 5 mm or greater than or equal to 12 mm, to avoid the potential danger of injured children with hands or other parts of the body clamp. All the high table and height greater than 600mm cabinet products need according to the provisions of the fixed on the building, in order to avoid children climbing cause cabinet dumping caused by injured. In order to avoid closed furniture for children hurt & ldquo; general conditions & rdquo; stipulates that closed cabinet continuous space is greater than 0.03m³ internal dimensions of were greater than 150 mm or should be with ventilation function, to ensure that can not make the children produce latent of suffocation in danger; and requested the closure member such as for a door or lid not equipped with automatic locking device, in order to avoid after entering the children cannot itself out of the. & ldquo; general conditions & rdquo; mechanics performance test by the furniture or furniture element stability test, impact test, strength test and durability test, etc., furniture of the safety of the structural strength assessment, by the use of age to divide level test and the test items can be determined. Product suitable for age identification for “ 3 ~ 6 years old ” the corresponding mechanical test level is 1; if the identification of “ 3 years old and above or 7 years old and above ” the mechanical test level is 2. In order to avoid the children due to the lack of furniture stability or durability caused by falling or other trauma. On April 5, the Beijing Administration of industry and Commerce sampling published 43 batches of substandard products, 16 batches of product structural safety problems; on April 14, the State General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine sampling of the 13 batches of substandard products have 5 batches and structural safety problems. Warning signs do not ignore the potential risk must be to avoid The desk and childrendeskAnother major factor in the failure of furniture is the warning signs. Warning signs can effectively remind consumers (especially children) the correct use of children furniture, to avoid potential risks. But the reporter in the field survey also found that not all parents will pay more attention to the warning signs, and many people think warning labels & ldquo; is a piece of paper. & rdquo; as long as not a product quality problem should have no big AI. Lifting pneumatic marking & ldquo; general conditions & rdquo; regulations, children's furniture in the instructions for use must be clearly marked for ages, such as & ldquo; 3-6 years old & rdquo;, & ldquo; 3 years and above & rdquo; or & ldquo; 7 years old and above & rdquo; for folding and adjusting device of the furniture should be in proper position of & ldquo; warning! Be careful Crush & rdquo; warning language; the lifting rod swivel chair in the appropriate location marked & ldquo; dangerous! Please do not often play & rdquo; warning language, and clearly defined warnings & ldquo; Risk & rdquo;, & ldquo; warning & rdquo;, & ldquo; attention & rdquo; security alerts font is not less than 4, boldface, warning of the content should not be less than 5, boldface. AQSIQ sampling of 13 batches of substandard products, there are 10 batches of warning signs, accounting for about 77% of the problem. Looks like a piece of paper, but broke the most weak problems in the enterprise.
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