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Office furniture how to pick the color

 What color for your office? 

Office furniture usually have five kinds of color 
Black, grey, brown, dark red and blue 
Usually, different kinds of gray for desk 
Black, brown for the boss chair and reception desks and chairs; 
Blue and dark red for office chair. 
Because the blue light but do not break lively 
Red is serious but not lively 
Black, brown, give a person with NingChongGan, 
Used to decorate the meeting room, will prompt employees focused thinking. 
Each color has its own language, 
It will send out to your colleagues and customers some mental message: 
Black is easy to give a person of loneliness, but also have a noble and solemn 
Using different concentrations of brown brown can improve dark brown, also produce elegant 
Bright red big powder with cool color tone, to show the young and lively 
This white taupe with warm color, will have the feeling of elegance 
Lavender sky blue gives a person the feeling of quiet 
Magenta with borland let a person feel lively 
How match which is elegant 
Pink with the white youth 
Dark brown with yellow can make you look more mature 
Light grey with black be grave 
Scarlet with black can attract the line of sight of each other 
Dark green with yellow collocation is the most natural 
Tehran, with pale blue feel steadfast 
Bright yellow with black, then you can give a person the beauty of jumping 
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