Strengthen the quality inspection of the office chair and improve the quality and safety experience of office chair
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Abstract: with the continuous development of economy, brings is government agencies, enterprises and institutions, banks, hospitals, schools and other units continues to expand the scale and office conditions have also been continuously improved, the demand for office chair also is increasing, strengthen office chair quality testing and improve the quality of office chair is an important issue.
Key words: office chair quality inspection improve quality
Economic development of office furniture industry has also brought huge impact, in the increasingly fierce market competition environment, improve the quality of the product is in the market competition in the unbeaten status of important means, strengthen the office chair quality testing and quality assurance of an effective method, relevant government departments should increase the quality detection of office chair, to ensure the quality and safety of office chair.
First, the quality of office chairs and testing
1 materials are not qualified
Most office chair materials are polyurethane foam, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the office chair seat surface density should be at least 25 kilograms per cubic meter, other parts of the density is at least 18 kilograms per cubic meter, according to the relevant departments, but to test the quality of office chair polyurethane much office chair is not up to the standard, especially is the seat seat density did not reach the standard of 25 kilograms per cubic metre of provisions, as an important material properties of polyurethane foam chair directly affects the comfort and the use of office chair in life, because the enterprises involved in the production of polyurethane foam when the office chair is directly in the market to buy back so, the quality of raw materials determines the quality of office chair, as long as the enterprises can ensure qualified raw materials, do not cut corners in the production process, full of "You can make the quality of the polyurethane foam is qualified, quality can reach the standard of office chair.
2 formaldehyde release
Formaldehyde by the World Health Organization identified as a possible carcinogen, because its damage is long-term, latent and hidden features, is considered to be an important indicator of the crisis to human health and life safety, formaldehyde is mainly enter the body through the respiratory and skin contact, in the processing of office chair students may have the use of the substance in the production process, so on the consumer's health caused great threat. According to the usage of the relevant provisions of the state office chairs formaldehyde in an hour shall not exceed 0.120 mg per cubic metre, office chairs formaldehyde release pathway mainly office chair cladding materials formaldehyde content standard for office chair of the cladding material is generally leather, artificial leather or leather, root according to requirements of the content of formaldehyde in leather office chair should not exceed 75 mg, and the free formaldehyde content of the test to the office chair in leather has reached 375 mg, such a high content of free formaldehyde produced office chair on the failure of the. Polyurethane foam used in office chair to spray adhesive, this material contains formaldehyde. Formaldehyde standard is an important factor affecting the quality of office chairs, to control the release of formaldehyde in the office chair, to ensure the quality of office chairs and the safety of people.
3 base static load is not qualified
Office chair base of static load experiment object is chair of the five-star pin, according to the relevant regulations of our country, will load standard setting for bovine 7580. Experimental results show that a lot of office chairs are not up to standard, the base static load is a mechanical safety performance of the project, the project if not qualified, will allow consumers in the use process may fall, there is a big security risk.
Two, improve the quality of office chairs measures
1 detection of materials
Office chair quality must first ensure that the material security, and ensure the detecting objects on the office chair material is polyurethane foam, leather, artificial leather, wood, to ensure office chair main material of polyurethane foam with low density, better resilience, compression to good; ensure the leather fracture ability is stronger, less fiber content and bursting strength is higher; also of wood were strict testing, to ensure that no rot and insect attack, only to ensure that the raw materials in order to ensure the quality of the office chair. Detection of the appearance quality of office chair, mainly including size, shape, and so should be strictly in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state to ensure the design to meet the required standards, and comply with the requirements of ergonomics, office chair to ensure comfort and safety.
2 reduce the formaldehyde content
Reduce the formaldehyde emission of the first of all is to ensure the qualified foam, leather, wood, etc. these raw materials, of these materials for effective analysis and closed the formaldehyde release channel, in the production of office chair as far as possible to choose low formaldehyde resin and preservatives.
3 improve the static load of the base pass rate
In order to guarantee the quality of office chair must ensure that each project must be qualified, improve base static load project of the qualified rate of the main method is used to meet the requirements of the plastic parts and metal parts, not in order to reduce the cost or Jerry the use of substandard quality of materials or use recycled materials. Mechanical testing of office chairs, to ensure the performance of office chairs to meet the national quality standards, to avoid the use of consumers in the process of accident.
Three, to promote the rapid development of the office chair industry recommendations
1 further strengthen supervision
Strengthen the supervision of the product, especially formaldehyde to release a quantity to too many products, strengthen management, and make the promotion of product quality standards to ensure enterprises in strict accordance with the requirements of the laws and regulations of the quality of the products for production, serious countries on product supervision authority, increase the punishment of substandard products, to ensure the quality of the products.
2 enterprise supervision quality management system
Enterprises should strictly in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state on the quality of the products are strict inspection, established a perfect quality assurance system and ensure its effective implementation, in the production process to optimize the production process and means, in every aspect of production to achieve quality first, to pay close attention to changes in the relevant provisions, timely adjustment of quality standards and to respond positively to the national requirements of quality standards.
3 to support the development of furniture enterprises
Countries to actively support intensified the development of large enterprises to create famous brand products, drive the development of the industry as a whole, to encourage outstanding enterprises to provide technical support, to establish engineering and technology research center, actively participate in the formulation of the quality standards of the state.
Sum up:
With the improvement of people's requirements of the office environment, the performance of office chair, quality, and safety also put forward higher requirements, so office chair production enterprises only by constantly improving technology, design more in line with ergonomic office chairs, and to ensure that its quality in order to in the fierce competition in the market environment can remain invincible.
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