Briefly describes the classification of office furniture
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 Office furniture category: 
A, according to the style of furniture can be divided into: modern furniture, American furniture, European classical furniture, new classical furniture, Chinese classic furniture. 
American furniture: simple atmosphere, line is optional but pay attention to clean, "she explains. 
Ou shigu home: European classical furniture is very rich in cultural connotation, is suitable for European classical style of decoration. 
New classic furniture: fluent line, delicate carve patterns or designs on woodwork. Both nostalgia and fashionable style, not only by the elderly like, even some young upstart also began to have a special liking to its. 
Chinese classic furniture, natural and graceful elegant, exquisite workmanship, fascinating. Not only beautiful and easy, but also practical very strong! 
Wooden furniture to avoid direct sunlight, in order to avoid the paint surface oxidation. 
When placed, please avoid high temperature, dry place, in case of wood cracking deformation. 
Should not be in a very humid place, lest wood in wet expand, so easy to rotten, drawer and pull away. 
Unfavorable use heavy percussion directly or on the surface of the furniture furniture surface cutting things, to prevent surface damage, nor a hard line on the ground on the furniture. 
Wooden furniture to avoid children playing jump on furniture, furniture structure and damage. 
Avoid overall handling over a long distance, small furniture need to move, to lift the bottom of the furniture; Big furniture is moved, please professional company to help. Lifting when furniture will light up light, when you placed flat. If uneven ground, padded to leg, in case of damage. 
Don't wash with water or wipe with wet cloth made of plywood furniture, avoid by all means in alkaline soaking, preventing plywood glue or come unglued. 
Avoid use alkaline cleaning furniture, or placed on the surface of the furniture corrosive liquid, high concentration of alcohol, banana oil, and just boiled water, etc, in case of damage to the paint. 
Always use a clean soft cloth to wipe dust, don't use dry cloth to wipe. If there are any stain, can use wet soft cloth with neutral detergent diluted (e.g., clean and bright, etc.) to wipe or with drawing eraser net. The best monthly maintenance with special furniture wax regularly, except with bright paint surface of the furniture. 
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