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1 hand circles. The two handed back palm on the clip to the palm outward, and then try to forward to the limit; pause for a moment, and then the back palm to make the palm inward, return to the chest. This repeated several times, until the arm Suanma can.
2 shoulder shrug. The shoulder is like a link, connecting the whole body, but usually it's not too much exercise, shoulders are also conducive to the health of the body. You can be a shoulder high-rise, a shoulder droop can also be two shoulders and stands tall and erect or drooping, or two shoulder high and one low before a to reverse movement.
3 lateral deviation. Mental preparation, and then head to the side of the force to the side, stop for a moment, feel some pain, and then to the other direction, followed by cycle.
4 neck. First to stretch the neck, and the chin after the close, shoulders sag and then revert to the original position; then do shrink neck movement, specific practices and extension movements of the neck instead. They always do some neck tension can be, this action can stimulate the thyroid and parathyroid glands, promote thyroid hormone secretion, receive the refreshing effect.
5 knees holding hands. Two knee "7" shaped and arranged on, hands clenched fist, fist eye relative to the clamp between the knees, and knees from the side force extrusion of a one two punch. Repeated several times, until the hands can be some suanma.
6 head pitch. Is head firmly to the chest falls, then backward extension, stop for a moment, and cycle time, until the neck felt a bit sour moderate. If his hands folded in the head (like doing sit ups as a pose), and then forced to pull back, the effect will be better.
7 wrist shake. Is with the right hand to clench boxing and to the wrist joint as the center, try to outwardly tremble to fall, at the same time metacarpophalangeal broke open, so repeated several times feel tension fingers, wrist some acid can; and then change to the left hand a try.
8 round head. The head is first clockwise, then counterclockwise rotation force and slow cruising exercise. The joints of the cervical spine can be heard in practice.
9 rub the palm of your hand. Hands gently rub the palm and back of the hand, until the palm and back of the hand a little fever, people feel comfortable. This can be through the meridians and acupuncture points on the body to play a role in health care, can adjust the mood, relieve fatigue.
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