Wu Yaoquan: to build China's first brand office chair
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Can you remember the brand of a few office chairs?
As a sub category of home industry, office furniture market competition. Many large and small brands are full of them, and there are companies to enter the field of office furniture. It is not an easy thing to build a strong brand in the highly competitive office furniture market to occupy the leading position in the industry. However, Wu Yaoquan, general manager of the joint, but think this is a direction that is worth the effort. In Wu Yaoquan view, the creation of the brand is very difficult, but it is a thing to do. Office furniture industry is becoming increasingly fierce competition, product differentiation is getting smaller and smaller, will make those who do not have the brand influence of enterprise survival difficult. If the company does not have the brand influence, it means that they will be passive into endless price war, the profit can not be guaranteed, the enterprise is difficult to grow.
Entrepreneurship more than ten years of Wu Yaoquan believes that the conditions are ripe, and decided to go on the road of brand creation. On March 28, 2010, in Guangzhou Pazhou Exhibition Center opening of the China International Furniture Fair (Guangzhou) - office environment show, Lianyou launched a price of 199 million diamond office chair. This fully shows that Wu Yaoquan to be chair industry leading momentum and determination.
"Office furniture in the Chinese domestic industry occupies a high proportion, at present many domestic enterprises see huge opportunities in this field, coupled with China's economic future will become better and better, the competition will become intense." Wu Yaoquan said, my dream is to make the United Friends of China's first brand office chair."
accumulate steadily
Born in Chinese Taiwan, an ordinary family Wu Yaoquan, from medical school after graduation, karma, entered the "chair" in the industry. He was founded in 1996 in Taiwan, China, the friend of the Company Limited, the main production of dental chairs. It is known to all that the dentist's requirement for a chair is very high. First venture into the very high threshold of the industry, Wu Yaoquan can not be described as brave. But in medical school learning experience, happened to let Wu Yaoquan beyond the general dental chair designers intimate and inspiration, he designed and produced a dentist chair can always fit the physician, and high quality, so the market is quite good.
Entrepreneurial success gave Wu Yaoquan confidence. In 1999, Wu Yaoquan began to focus on the design of office chairs. From the dentist's chair to the office chair, Wu Yaoquan considered the most is human engineering. Whether it's a dentist's chair or an office chair, Wu Yaoquan said, "consumers are the most important".
In 2000, with the accelerated process of urbanization in the mainland, high-grade office buildings continue to emerge, home market segmentation gradually obvious, office furniture show huge space for development. Has been engaged in 4 years in Taiwan, China furniture design, production and the famous Wu Yaoquan in Nansha, Guangzhou founded the United Friends of the Office Furniture Co., ltd..
To enter the Chinese mainland office market, to create the industry's first brand dream deeply rooted in the heart of Wu Yaoquan. However, he understood that, whether it is the industry maturity or the strength of the joint friends of their own, it is difficult to make him realize his dream. Then, his heart sank to focus on the production of export-oriented mainstream office swivel chair, the gradual accumulation of resources.
For Wu Yaoquan carries the dream of brand and constantly strengthen the enterprise foundation, slowly waiting for the brand in the market of fermentation, had to go through a process.
In 2003, the joint friends began to invest resources into product research and development. In the same year, the United States together with the independent research and development of the office chair Mission successfully into the United States the first office stationery chain Depot Office. With Depot Office this famous brand of circulation as an endorsement, the export of the office chair of the joint friends gradually embarked on the road to the end.
In 2006, based on contact friends of their full development, and the growth and maturation of the mainland China market, Wu Yaoquan made only for the domestic market big Lianyou decision, maintaining friendly office furniture Co., Ltd. in the establishment of the Guangdong Zhongshan for mainland second tier cities production, sales of high-grade office chair, dominated by domestic, export as a supplement.
However, as a result of many years to form a export-oriented production and business model, the United Friends for the mainland market is relatively unfamiliar. Joint friends should be how to do to quickly open the mainland market, after a comprehensive consideration, Wu Yaoquan eventually chose the channel force, with the mainland's well-known furniture channel business cooperation, to seize the channel, open the market. At the same time, the joint friends and high-end office furniture manufacturers, such as high-grade office desk matching production of high-end office chairs, in the best of each other, from the beginning to establish a high-end brand image for the alliance. Chinese airport in Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China made court, Nestle, China Taipei 101 tower, Adidas, Tencent, China Mobile and other people familiar with the large enterprises, and gradually become Lianyou customers.
Integrate resource
"Office furniture is a major trend in the future development of the life." Although the current joint friends of the business in the Mainland mainly concentrated in the commercial field, but Wu Yaoquan believes that the future of the civilian sector is certainly an extremely important market. "After all, with the growing awareness of consumer health, more and more people are thinking of buying a good chair for themselves. In addition, gift giving is also a great personal market." To this end, he decided to increase investment in design and research and development, so that consumers really feel the combination of human engineering design of the chair with a soothing effect. In 2008, Wu Yaoquan invested huge sums of money to set up a joint R & D center, dedicated to the development of human engineering chair, to lay a solid foundation for the development of the brand alliance. To date, the United Friends is the mainland office furniture industry has such a large R & D center of enterprise.
December 2009, after the work is ready, Wu Yaoquan decided to set up the various business department to be established together to establish a joint friend of the chair industry. He believes that the integration of resources, the joint friends of the chair industry will be more focused on the design and development of office chairs, and in the brand and sales are also more conducive to the development of domestic and foreign business.
After the completion of the integration of internal resources, Wu Yaoquan think the problem is, how to push the brand alliance to the market. Signing the image of the spokesperson, integrated marketing, development of new channels, Wu Yaoquan began to stand in the perspective of a brand manager's point of view.
In product promotion, the alliance will be the flagship health card, and to carry out personalized custom business. Wu Yaoquan said: "we will first in Guangdong to set up ten Direct stores, these stores not just simple sales platform, also equipped with a healthy size measuring machine, engraving machine, can help consumers create suitable chair, the scene will be the customer's signature carved into the chair, to create own special chair. This store mode step will in the nationwide promotion."
To participate in large-scale office furniture fair, attract, select the strength of the mainland dealers to create a strong brand industry, Wu Yaoquan 2010 time is very tight schedule. "From the beginning of this year, we will expand the procurement of government agencies and large enterprises, and strive to enter the civilian market, so that the joint friend's products cover more customers." Wu Yaoquan said.
Wu Yaoquan understand, brand building can not be achieved overnight, completed its function in one battle, enterprises must continue to accumulate resources, after months and months efforts, can accomplish. Business has more than ten years, Wu Yaoquan in his dream has always been obsessed with. Lianyou build China office chair the first brand of commercial Hongtu already painting on Wu Yaoquan heart is, he now to do, is to put it into practice to realize their dreams.
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