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Tick can "eat".
Milk to do the clothes, that may not have a bad day? Do not understand the truth of the audience, but also that this is a joker in curry favour by claptrap. However, a young fashion designer in Hannover, Germany, but to make "milk" for the industry, and created a legend of the fashion industry.
Made out of milk, not only the quality of clearance, there is no smell, delicate touch, to the health of the body is also very useful -- because clothing materials derived from milk essence, completely does not contain any additives, protein amino acid has antibacterial, anti aging effect, but also can help to regulate the circulation of blood and body temperature.
Some people ask, this milk clothes, should also be like drinking milk, there is a shelf life of it? The answer is: forever! In the process of heating, the molecules will be combined in a way to prevent the protein from decay.
So affordable milk clothes, is simply a mobile version of the health care products ah! Milk clothing, but also indeed set off a revolution in the high-end fashion industry. However, such a perfect pure natural clothing, the cost is not cheap, making a complete set of dress needs 6 liters of milk, cost 150 to 200 euros. It is also used by a person, wear than eating but valuable!
Your fingertips on the city
Have you ever played "happy city"? In this virtual city exchange game, only need a finger tap button, edifice built. Recently, the real version of the "happy city" operating system is expected to become a reality, held in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, M2M communication meeting, Portuguese & Company Living plan it shows high intelligent "urban operating system".
It is reported that the city operating system can respond to and manage the city's 50 billion devices generated by the huge data of the intelligent system. People create new applications through a system called PlaceApps to control the building, lighting, and so on. Smart phone applications are also expected to access the city operating system, remote control of home appliances and energy systems.
The significance of the invention lies in the fact that a liberated a lot of infrastructure in the field of labor and successful transition to personnel and technical operation; on the other hand, people through this system, better urban management, reduce social cost and save energy consumption. Believe in such scientific and technological achievements, it will be widely used in various cities in the future.
Your warm "unemployment card"
The card is a means of expression to encourage and comfort, and is mainly used for birthday, wedding, delivery etc.. However, Hallmark recently created the "unemployment card", but in a number of enterprises quietly popular.
People who produce cards may be sympathetic to those who have lost their jobs in the near future, it is clear that this is not all their fault, and it is worth having a consolation. Sending a "memory" to the people who are out of work is the card maker's job. Therefore, some inspirational, humorous card came into being, the contents are as follows:
Card 1: do not think of the status quo of unemployment. To take this stage as a stupid boss to provide you with a temporary leave.
Card two: take yourself as a cat, have a place for me to repair my hair? I mean, it's better to be in front of the boss.
Card three: losing a job doesn't prove anything. Your attitude to it is the most important.
"Unemployment card" sales are not very satisfactory, but it appears, for people to correct attitude, find confidence, and to find an ideal job and laid the foundation for the emotional.
When the limits of "selfish"
Egoistic not popular, but in the workplace, "selfish" may have benefits for your career.
Recent researchers have indicated that, as a leader, "selfish" will make people more attractive in the competition. Those more selfless, kind person is most liked by everyone, however, was found to be not suitable for being the leader of, because their altruistic behavior is understood as "weak"; and some to self as center, compared with a tendency to attack the people means strength and force of the soul, so in the promotion will paid more and more attention.
A tendency to be associated with aggression and leadership. However, the selfish development of corruption and dereliction of duty in the workplace, then play too, so selfish is limited, beyond the limits of selfish people will not let the cause such as the shoe light cloud.
Your male also wronged than soft strong woman
As we all know, there is a career woman, also known as the alpha female, their ability to work and attitude a bit do not lose to men. However, scientists have warned that these women strong people, should avoid the male into the wind, otherwise it will affect the career development.
Previous studies have shown that women who are full of confidence, strong minded, and successful leaders are often excluded from the work of those who prefer docile women. Feisty woman will not be as powerful boss, not only that, people think they are not hiring love.
But if they can adapt to the concept of people, make changes, promotion will not be a problem. The best way for a woman to succeed in a man's world is to act like a woman ". This discovery makes the feminist greatly disappointed, they believe that the situation is not as good as those of the more feminine "soft man", after all, we all like the kind of person.
Office chair tick "reliable"
We are busy on weekdays to work copywriting and planning work, sit in the office a day. However, if you sit on chairs "reliable"?
Popular in the United States Office of a name "thinking" of the seat, it complies with the requirements of the workplace on the seat: back to get support; feet with the ground, the thigh parallel to the ground; the knee was 90 degrees at right angles. More valuable is that the height of the seat can remind people will be adjusted to make the computer screen slightly below the line of sight, and wrist when using the keyboard or mouse is straight.
The use of the seat of the people have said that not only improve the efficiency of the work, and even cervical spondylosis has also been improved. To know that more than half of the white collar workers believe that the old seats to bring them discomfort, which is considered to be one of the important reasons for the high seat sales: comfort, is so simple!
Have less "free" free
HR business executives in the United States are suffering from the recent, because they want to give employees some freedom to change the working state of the staff, and put forward the "flexible working hours" ". However, employees are not very happy to accept this kind of freedom, on the contrary, it makes employees feel the freedom behind the not so free". Originally, the working time is "flexible", but the corresponding elements of the work is not optimistic, are some people don't love doing live, is like this very easy to let them get a negative performance evaluation, even lose their promotion opportunities.
This event highlights the fact that some of the company's friendly staff is only a face project, very few employees really feel comfortable to enjoy such benefits. Here to and enterprise HR are a wake, that is enterprise's operation sometimes kinda like the maintenance of the national, only really cares about employees of the survival of the state, will be fundamental to maintain the enthusiasm of the staff, don't really go to "lose the popular support lost world" that one step, just want to get up and want to treat your employees.
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