The design of a new type of office chair
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[Abstract] in recent years, the health problems caused by lack of exercise and disease have signs of multiple, younger, people need a home can finish with the sports fitness equipment. In this paper, from the background and significance of the research background and significance of the fitness office chair, this paper introduces the design of a new type of office chair based on ergonomics. Finally, the prospects for the design of the prospects.
[Key words] fitness; modification; innovation; office chair
Chapter 1 research background
In recent years, many people of different age groups are facing the same kind of health problems: due to the lack of exercise caused by the physical discomfort, and even disease. For example: scapulohumeral periarthritis, lumbar intervertebral disc herniation. However, it is not necessary for people to go out every day to complete the necessary exercise: work pressure and energy, time and other factors constraining the modern society of everyone. A kind of homes can be completed by means of the mechanical movement of the limbs is becoming urgent needs. Taking into account the main in the home or office space, the requirements of this fitness machinery are: space is small, compact structure, no noise, to achieve the purpose of fitness. In view of the above problems and needs, this design in line with the rules of human movement angle of to users can in use can exercise as the main purpose, based on ergonomics, design and research the help user homes can achieve coordination of limbs coherent motion body-building office chair.
The second chapter product applicable people
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