Analysis of the quality inspection of the regulating device for the office chair
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Abstract: at present, the development of office chairs to the high-end seats forward, developed a suitable for different groups of people with the use of the seat. The emergence of these seats makes the human body from the passive to the semi adaptive transformation. However, the detection of the regulating device is still blank, this paper aimed at regulating the quality of the device for a brief analysis.
Key words: office chair adjustment device quality inspection
With the development of the chair industry, the office chair also presents the trend of multi level development. At present, the more high-end office seats are equipped with adjustable components, to achieve different people's different ride experience requirements, making the office seat more in line with ergonomic requirements. With the expansion of the production of this kind of seat, fierce competition, the attendant quality problem is becoming more and more apparent, for example: the same are equipped with an adjustable armrest, but handrails could carry the force value is not the same, not even being able to support the body weight required to stand up, leading to accidents. In view of this, the center of 4 well-known office chairs in our county jointly set about "chair with the regulation device testing technology research", so as to develop a scientific and suitable testing standards.
1, the definition and classification of regulating device
Adjusting device is a device which can change the relative position of the seat component and can be locked in at least 3 arbitrary position. Its classification can be carried out in the following aspects:
1.1 according to the use of parts of the classification: the main pillow adjustment device, B, C, the back of the adjusting device, D, arm adjustment device, a, e) tray adjustment device, f) gas spring adjustment device.
1.2 according to the regulation function classification: mainly has the a size adjustment device, the B angle adjustment device, the C.
1.3 according to the components of the general classification: the main a - general adjustment devices, such as: arm, tray, gas spring, b) custom conditioning devices, such as: head, waist, back;
2, the significance of quality detection
Adjusting device not only realizes the relative position but also is the important component of the office chair product, its quality directly determines the quality of the product. Not only that, the adjustment of the device because of the components can be mobile, if the quality is not good will cause a certain degree of security risks. The center of regulation to pay attention to the quality of device earlier, according to the general office chair test BIFMA x5.1 standard and test data from 2011 to 2012, may adjust the armrests in bearing vertical static pressure presents the obvious fluctuation of quality, statistics found that, nearly 30% of the armrest in about 750N fracture occurs, is about 20% in about 500N fracture, while the standard requirements at least capable of carrying 890N vertical static pressure. Thus, when people stand up for the support of the railing, may cause sudden sudden break and fall of the railing, the impact on the safety of passengers. To carry out quality inspection by the adjustment of the equipment and the introduction of the safety issues for investigation, to ensure the safety of the ride.
3, the scope of quality inspection
According to the above definition and classification, the main scope of testing should be considered as follows:
3.1 General requirements
Because the regulating device is a relative moving part, the influence of the human body when moving is considered. In addition, general requirements should also be constraints on the manufacturing process, to prevent sharp burrs, the harm to the users.
3.2 adjustment range
Adjustment mechanism of the most important role is to make a certain degree of office chairs to adjust, so as to adapt to more riders. At present, domestic and foreign affairs office chairs standard on the seat size have certain requirements, especially EN1335-1 of the office furniture - chairs "of size adjusting apparatus have very detailed provisions, in addition Dutch standard NPR 1813-2004 the office chair ergonomics science" on the basis of EN1335-1, and increase the regulation range. Therefore, the adjustment range of the regulating device can effectively avoid the problem of the adjustment range of the finished seat, so as to meet the requirements of the relevant standards.
3.3 mechanical performance requirements
The regulating mechanism not only regulates the relative position between the parts, but also is an important part of the finished product. In order to be able to make the components of the human body to be very good support at the same time to achieve the expected life expectancy, the device should be tested for mechanical properties. The test can be divided into static load test, impact mechanical performance test and mechanical property test. The static load mechanics performance mainly aims at whether the regulating device can bear certain pressure, so as to ensure that the use of the ride in the process will not meet the parts of the broken or major deformation of the situation. Impact mechanical properties are mainly aimed at the part in the process of moving or in the process of the impact of the impact, to verify the impact of the situation. Fatigue mechanical performance is mainly to test the life of the device, because the office chair with a person's characteristics, the frequency is not very high, in the test should grasp the appropriate cycle times.
3.4 stability
Stability is refers to the person in the ride, the seat will not occur dumping, so as to avoid damage to the human body. Although there is a certain description of the stability in the standard of the office chair, the stability of the seat is still not special in the limit position. Therefore, it is necessary to test the stability of the seat with the seat of the adjusting device.
4, conclusion
Adjusting device not only can change the relative position of the seat parts, but also is an important part of the seat product, the quality of the product determines the quality of the entire seat. The detection of the regulating device should grasp its main functional testing, the development of scientific testing standards, the design of a reasonable test fixture, and ultimately improve the quality of the industry.
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