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  • Analysis of domestic and foreign public ergonomic chair
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    Ergonomics has great influence on the design of office chair, which can make a person get a good experience. Excellent ergonomic performance and office chair size are closely related. This paper mainly according to the requirement of human engineering, the design of the main parts of the office chair proposed relevant recommendations, and analyzes the different requirements of office chair ergonomic size standards at home and abroad, which can be reference for designers.
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    Office chair as an industrial product and human life is closely related to work for people to provide effective support and meet the daily working at his desk. According to the data given by the TED Research Institute, we will spend 9.3 hours a day in a chair, a long time for a long time to bring the work efficiency is reduced, but also caused a series of health risks. According to data from Germany in 1996, 85% of patients with low back pain are caused by prolonged meditation. Therefore, the appropriate size of the office chair is a very important factor for the ride. In recent years, human engineering in the design of office chairs have been paid more and more attention, and the domestic and foreign main office chair standard size also made the relevant requirements and specifications.
    1 key dimensions of office chairs
    Although the form of a variety of office chairs, but the structure is basically similar. In order to be able to reflect the health elements of the office seat, to provide a comfortable office environment for office workers, office chairs have the following key dimensions.
    1.1 high
    Office chair seat high impact on the ride is greater, the height is not reasonable will result in a sitting position, waist fatigue or thigh artery oppression caused by numbness of the lower limbs. Therefore, it is a trend that the height of the office chair is designed to be adjustable.
    1.2 seat angle
    The body pressure distribution around the sciatic nodules can be adjusted by the design of the inclination angle. If the inclination is too large to increase the strength of the hip, to ride a sense of oppression, while the dip is too small, or have a rake angle, may cause the ride slip phenomenon.
    1.3 seat width
    Seat width mainly affects the range of activities on the seat of the body. According to ergonomic requirements, the seat width of the office seat should be as wide as possible to adapt to more people, but also to consider the design of beautiful and installed in both sides of the width of the arm.
    1.4 face depth
    Seat depth for the ride is also great, the design should fully take into account the size of the depth of the seat. Too deep lead to back out of action, can't give back support, back dangling, caused by tight back muscles ache, too shallow lead to dangling at the front of the thigh, the body's weight distribution on the leg will become more and more, make the person produces fatigue.
    1.5 arm height
    The purpose of the seat design arm is to allow the arms to be effectively supported in natural sagging, reduce the upper limb muscle tension, improve ride comfort. At the same time, it is also convenient to stand up or change posture when the body and help the body to support the stability of the body. In the design, the height of the arm should be designed reasonably, so as to achieve the reasonable support function.
    1.6 waist height
    The main role of lumbar support is to support the waist, so that the waist muscle to ease, while making the body back to form a point of support and support on two points. Let the back of the human body to get a complete rest. According to the human physiological data, the most appropriate height of the lumbar spine is in the fourth to 5 lumbar spine, lumbar curve design should conform to the physical curve of the human spine and lumbar spine, so to ensure the comfort of the sitting posture. By the waist to make the waist arc curve slightly protruding, if not by the waist waist or by design unreasonable, make lumbar normal forms a convex shape or make lumbar apparent lordosis, leading to deformation of the lumbar spine. So in order to make lumbar avoid convex and excessive lordosis of the non normal state should be using reasonable waist by reducing intradiscal pressure, reduce the load on the muscle. Therefore, the design of the waist to become a necessary part of the design of the office seat.
    1.7 shoulder by
    And the waist is similar, the main function of the shoulder is in the back of the upper part of the formation of two support. Its approximate position is between fifth to 6 thoracic height, according to the natural posture analysis, when the human body is in a sitting position, while the shoulder is not supported, will make the human body shoulder discomfort or pain. Therefore, the office seat must be designed to shoulder, shoulder by shoulder to shoulder the pressure to ease the body's fatigue.
    2 requirements for the size of office chairs in domestic and international standards
    At present, the domestic and international important office chairs are: China's T QB\/ 2280 "office chair", the American market X5.1 Bifma "general use of office chair experiment", the European market EN 1335 "office furniture - office chairs". From the current overseas market buyers point of view, the Middle East and Africa recognized China's office chair standard, the Australian market reference X5.1 Bifma standard. Therefore, this article also carries on the contrast analysis to these 3 standards.
    It is worth noting that the X5.1 Bifma general purpose office chair experiment on the size of almost no requirement, only in the latest version (2011 Edition) in the office chair back can not be less than 200 mm. But from the county export enterprises to understand the American customers will provide the standard, or the size of the office of several important aspects of the requirements.
    Our office chair industry standard QB\/ t 2280 the office chair "in the required size has its own rules, there are seat height, seat width, depth, high back, lifting stroke, a seat surface inclination, armrest width, higher handrails size requirements.
    European office chairs in the first part of the standard EN 1335 is the size of the office chair requirements, compared to other office chairs EN1335 standard size of the requirements are very specific. First EN1335 in accordance with the requirements of the size of the office chair is divided into A, B, C three levels, different levels of parameters are not the same. EN1335 in accordance with the parts of the product requirements, divided into seat size requirements, backrest size requirements, handrail size requirements and the chassis size requirements. In particular: seat height, seat width, depth, seat in deep and surface angle of the seat and the backrest support s height, rely on the backboard height, the height of the backrest, wide backrest, back arc radius, backrest inclination angle, arm length, armrest width, height of handrail, grab the front from inner width of front size seat, handrails, a base maximum dimension compensation, dimensional stability.
    From top to bottom, EN1335 standard basic consideration of ergonomic requirements, especially the back 3 points support, the back of the arc of the requirements, seat back angle, seat surface inclination angle, the height of the arm, the seat of higher requirements. In contrast, the United States BIFMA x5.1 standard, the size of office chair almost without any provision, and more emphasizes the life mechanics of office chair, from the angle of comfort, this standard is defective, ignoring the seat of the most essential requirements. Domestic office chair standard QB\/ t 2280 although there is a certain size requirements, but not detailed and completely, especially can not well meet the ergonomic requirements, hope can reflect the requirements of the more dimensions in a version of the.
    3 concluding remarks
    Anyway, the ideal office chair should to the natural physiological state of human body as the ultimate goal, through the use of human physiological data, strict according to the principle of human body engineering design, guarantee people in work process can get full support and rest, maximize the human feel comfortable, and ultimately reduce the disease caused by fatigue and sitting for a long time. This is an important aspect of the design of office chairs, but also reflects the humanistic side of industrial design.
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