Intelligent office chair
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Today, the importance of the computer is gradually being replaced by tablet and smart phones, has always been to the user in the face of the computer as the premise of the design of office chairs should also make a change. This product is designed to adapt to the use of mobile devices and development, the design team of 2000 respondents were carefully observed in a variety of different postures. The study found that the popularity of mobile phones and computers affect on human behavior is so huge, gave birth to a 9 kinds of history no new posture, respectively lean back, mixed use, text input and surrounded by crouching, sitting touch, smart mobile, anterior lateral tilt, flat supine, bent forward.
In order to let users in sitting more comfortable use of mobile devices, design team specially in the traditional chair back and seat design modified so seating themselves can be adjusted according to the different posture, so as to achieve the support of various parts of the user. Can by smart phones, tablet PCs and other devices to adjust the seat posture, the user need not changing form the moment will be able to complete the conditioning is the seat of a very interesting features.
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