Office chair for human body engineering
Time:June 12,2016    Hits:575  
The chair by legendary designer Niels diffrient (NIELSDIFFRIENT) design, the intelligent "form of sensor network technology (form - sensing mesh TECHNOLoGY), to provide users with customized lumbar support. In addition, this chair can be sensitive to user perception of the body, the body of a user automatically adjust to a integration of the U-shaped frame structure, this structure avoid awkward leverage, or the use of the lock, to make the chair is not easy to be damaged. The smooth and simple chair also has the high performance of the arm, can be inside, outside, up and down, in accordance with the design of human engineering can be more suitable to the user's mobile range. The comfortable office chair without the usual standard rod and a knob, instead of using the sleek form and scientific structure, the mimic the body's shape, in the technology is very complex, but its excellent performance beyond the limitations of the technique.
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