On the health and comfort of the office chair back form human spine
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Abstract: with the accelerated process of industrialization, sitting position has become the most common, the most popular way of work, but also will be the main work of the future of our work. And under the working state, and the human body contact is the largest office chair, desk work for a people for a long time, long time use and body size does not match the office chair easy to make the body fatigue, work efficiency is low and cause the occurrence of diseases related to the spine, lumbar spine, so the office chair back shape effects on the morphology of the human spine, to a large extent related to the people's work efficiency and the quality of the rest. So study of human spine health and comfort of the office chair back form is particularly important.
Key words: body posture; spinal health back; morphology; comfort; relationship
1 human spine health
1.1 body sitting posture
Unlike most people think, sedentary is more tiring than standing. Sit on the seat when human lumbar burden will increase gradually, according to the study, 80% of the body weight are borne by human 4-5 lumbar, many meditation (that is, they say, the static strain) will bring great harm to the human body. But discomfort due to sitting still for a long time lead to discomfort or the seat back, most people will choose who Erlang Tui, humpback, tayao, easy to cause harm to human health, long time maintain this kind of position is bound to cause spinal diseases.
1.2 physiological characteristics of the human spine
The spine is the backbone of a supportive role in the life. It is not only the bones, it is around in his side of the muscles, ligaments, nerves, blood vessels and other soft tissue together constitute the main body support. We should have a correct understanding of the importance of the spine for human health.
Is the main hardware components of the vertebrae and iliac spine. The 7 cervical vertebrae, 12 thoracic vertebrae, 5 lumbar vertebrae, 5 sacral vertebra, 4, 33 of the vertebrae. Among them, the cervical spine was the smallest, the most robust sacral vertebra, cervical region was 1\/3, thoracic region was 1\/6, lumbar region was 1\/2.
Maintain healthy sitting seat health to a large extent is determined in healthy spinal lumbar into micro protrusion status is healthy natural bending, at this time the whole lumbar spine is show a healthy state, if it is after the presentation of sudden or other state, the spine to is sick of bending, then human spine presented unhealthy state. The physiological characteristics of healthy sitting posture is mainly the waist curve radian in the normal state of nature and the back muscles in a relaxed state, which not only ensures the healthy radian of the model "s" curve of the spine of the human body, but also ensure the muscle load is not as great. So in the long term in office staff can reduce the pressure on the spine to the body harm.
2 the chair form and comfort
2.1 Market Research
The office chair is now tend to be more in line with ergonomic curve of the back of a chair, but curve also is many and varied, different curves for the human body have different feelings, according to the measurement of the existing office chair, the Heng Lin chair industry the existing office chair were careful research and analysis, also on the Internet access to the official website of a lot of office furniture and office chairs the newspapers and magazines of the review, literature research.
The 2.2 components of office chair back form
Factors affecting office chair back morphological characteristics can be discussed from the two aspects -- side and looking down, these two aspects can inquiry form features of the back of the chair. The overlooking the curvature of the waist and back arc, side branch waist as a foil to the height and the angle of the back and the back of the chair side arc, waist side arc, waist protrusion. (as shown in Figure)
These factors can be formed form of the chair back to decide the seat shape, on the market also has hundreds of thousands of form combination, constitute the varied chair form. Effect of different forms for the back of the human spine is very large.
2.3 office chair back form comfort test method
The chair form comfortable method can the body pressure distribution measurement and subjective evaluation method to evaluate the different forms of seat comfort, according to the research shows that, from the average pressure, maximum pressure and average pressure gradient for the back of the chair form comfort to explore.
The relationship between the 3 forms of human spine and office chair back comfort
3.1 back form for human spine
Appearing on the market at present office chair basically all forms of chair back to s type curve shape, such a chair back waist prominent place can give the waist of a human body sufficient support to ensure the health of the human spine toward. Due to the back of a human body and the seat of the contact area larger, the back of the chair of the form to a large extent determines the shape of the spine of the human body to. So the health of a reasonable back form for human spine has a key role.
The 3.2 hypothesis of human spine and office chair back form comfort relationship
Comfortable sitting posture is not necessarily a good posture, people for spinal problems, they will find a relative to its more comfortable sitting in the position, for them, this position only is conforms to the trend of their current unhealthy spine morphology, so that is not conducive to the spine health healthy development will otherwise aggravate the damage of the spine and lead to the deformation and dislocation of the spine. For the relationship between health human spine and the back of the chair form put forward the hypothesis in the spine showed a healthy s type at the same time keep relaxed state. At this time, the body curve and the present state of nature, waist and back muscles in relaxed state, can keep the blood of normal circulation. This status can be to achieve a comfortable state, waist and back with reasonable support and also meet the health of the human spine morphology. So for the health of the population, according to the optimal body arc toward the chair makes human body relies on in the back of the chair can present the best state, can ensure a comfortable and can meet the health of the spine, so the chair form for the comfort of the influence of the spine and health exist certain correlation, the specific experimental theory needs to be further research and discussion.
4 concluding remarks
The chair form is based on human spine morphology to carries on the discussion, most of the research at home and abroad are for office chair comfort research, to explore the morphological features of chair back and healthy sitting posture is relatively small, the back of the chair is to the human body waist, back and neck provided for reasonable support, spine in sitting state to maintain the natural curve, alleviate human lumbar back muscle fatigue, plays an important role in human health, the article of this aspect were discussed.
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Biography: Jia Xuxia (1990-), female, Zhangjiakou Hebei city people, work unit: Nanjing Forestry University, post: graduate student, research direction: industrial design engineering.
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