The classification of office furniture
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 Many different kinds of furniture, according to the raw material source points, a general term for all wooden furniture; Every body is a general term for metal metal furniture, including aluminum alloy furniture, etc.; A general term for all plastic, plastic furniture made of bamboo rattan known as bamboo rattan furniture; If use points, general civil furniture, hotel furniture, office furniture, hotel, etc. If materials segment, the market of furniture types include: 
A furniture, solid wood wood (full). 
The body of the furniture is all made from wood, only a small amount with some auxiliary materials such as plywood, solid wood furniture for mortise structure commonly, namely fixed structure. Another major categories is hardwood furniture, solid wood furniture, also called Chinese style furniture, hardwood furniture is a kind of strong artistic furniture. It is according to the traditional furniture style and structure, Ming and qing dynasty specific mortise structure, the flower pear, red sandalwood and other valuable timber processing, this kind of house has the very high collection value. In recent years, due to the shortage of rare wood and expensive, some manufacturers are using wood texture is close to that of wood, such as Chinese catalpa wood, generic, although the form, but the value is far. 
Second, the man-made board furniture, also calls the board type furniture. 
Furniture is the main body of all parts by the surface decoration of man-made plank, plywood, particle board, joinery board, medium density fiberboard (MDF) and so on, there are a few product waste made of solid wood. Due to the shortage of wood resources in our country, so the man-made board furniture is the mainstream of the furniture market today and most for disassembling structure. 
Three, bending wood furniture. 
The parts is to use wood veneer via agglutination moulded bending, changing product line is fluent, aesthetically pleasing, sit in comfortable elastic. This kind of furniture is very popular in foreign countries, and constantly develop innovative, in recent years in our country began to produce and market. 
Four, polyurethane foam furniture. 
Early polyurethane foam technology is mainly used for sofa, chair of the shell forming its light weight, easy to processing. In recent years began to applied to the border around the bed, cabinet furniture decoration parts, besides has the advantages of the foregoing, more can achieve illuminative effect. 
Five, the glass fiber reinforced plastic furniture. 
Glass fiber reinforced plastic furniture is to use glass cloth with epoxy resin mold processing mould forming, its manufactured goods and polyurethane foam products are similar, but heavier than polyurethane foam, similar products and processing complex. 
Six, metal furniture. 
Metals such as steel tube as the main body, and with the steel plate and other metal or man-made board of auxiliary materials such as furniture. 
Lighting design in the office 
1, the office hours are almost all day, so artificial lighting should be combined with natural lighting design to form a comfortable lighting environment. 
2, appropriate office lighting lamps and lanterns USES fluorescent lamp. 
3, visual task of adjacent surface as well as the room decoration decoration materials of appropriate USES lacklustre performance. 
4, the appropriate office of the general lighting design on both sides of work area, using fluorescent lamps of lamps and lanterns is parallel to the longitudinal axis and horizontal line of sight. Should not be directly in front of the lamps and lanterns decorate in working position. 
5, when the work is difficult to determine the position, can choose light emitting area is large, low brightness two-way bats vane with light lamps and lanterns. 
6, with the help of computer terminal equipment office premises, should avoid to appear on the screen, and what content (such as lamps and lanterns, furniture, Windows, etc.) of the image. 
7, ideal office environment and the methods to avoid the light reflection. 
8, the manager's office lighting want to consider the intensity of illumination, receive a visitor the space of desk of illuminance and the necessary electrical equipment. 
9, conference room lighting should consider table at the top of the master to illumination. Make the person produces center and focus. Illumination to appropriate, adding auxiliary lighting around. 
10 area, give priority to in order to rally the auditorium stage lighting, installation can use dome light with the front of the auxiliary lighting, and make the average vertical illumination is not less than 300 lx. 
11, study the configuration of lamps and lanterns: 
The study is reading and studying place for family personnel, should pay attention to the local lighting effect of lamplight, the choice should not only fully consider the brightness of lamps and lanterns, and should take into account the color and shape characteristics, in order to suitable for quiet, refined study learning environment. General work and study can use local illumination lamps and lanterns, with large power of incandescent lamp as well. Position in the center, not necessarily can be decided according to the specific situation of the indoor. The modelling of lamps and lanterns, the style is also shoulds not be too gorgeous, elegant Juan xiuhe as well, creating a need for people to read the installation, tranquil environment. 
12, desk lamps and lanterns of configuration: 
Desk lamp of type selection should adapt to the nature of work and learning needs, unfavorable choose colored glass diffuse type or veil decorative craft lamp, because the craft lamp less consider lighting function, too much attention to adornment effect. Here should be chosen with reflector, the lower opening of the direct type desk lamp, also is job writing desk lamp or desk lamp of desk lamp, lamp light source, commonly used incandescent lamp and fluorescent lamp. Incandescent lamp high color rendering index by fluorescent lamp and fluorescent lamp luminous efficiency higher than incandescent bulbs, they each have advantages, can according to need or interest in modelling of lamps and lanterns of style to choose, and new energy-saving light source - H fluorescent lamp, not only has the advantages of the incandescent lamp and fluorescent lamp, compact and organ shape clever, energy-saving effect is remarkable, is the best light source for making a lamp. 
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