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  • The importance of the size of office furniture
    Time:July 31,2016    Hits:755  
     Many users often when choosing furniture, always like to put the attention points in furniture material, colour and appearance, other aspects of the requirements. Want to know the size of the office furniture is also nots allow to ignore to choose one of the requirements. And many users will because of qualitative, color and appearance requirements and exceed the size of the bottom line, is not consistent with the furniture size for people's health has the harm that nots allow to ignore. The following is a common office furniture appropriate size is introduced. 
    1. The office desks and chairs, height difference between 280 mm - 300 mm; Under the desk height not less than 580 mm, width 520 mm too short table or chair is too high will affect the person's spine and lumbar spine, especially bad for the child's vision and growth. Desk in the space below if not up to standard, leg can't free activities. 
    2. Office sofa: sofa before not less than 480 mm wide; Depth of the seat surface should be between 480 mm - 480 mm; Seat surface height should be in the range of 360 mm - 420 mm. Today, some simple fashion low sofa, destinations for young people. However, the height and width of sofa has close relationship with health. If sofa seat width less than the standard, before sofa of space will become narrow; On the surface of the seat depth is deep, the calf not natural prolapse, calf easily oppressed; A shallow, also can let a person the feeling of sit still; Seat surface is too high, is like sitting on a high chair, very uncomfortable, if too low, some people will feel more difficult stand. 
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