How to choose the right office furniture
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 Office furniture is different from other single product, it is a system engineering, and contains a lot of service composition. Both want to consider the problem of comprehensive, macro problem, also want to consider the problem of concrete, microcosmic problems. Experts believe that a good office furniture is custom design, and the primacy of design; Can only be fully personalized, custom design to create unique cultural value. Design includes graphic design, the design of integral style design, concrete special furniture design. 
A good graphic design should take into account the following aspects: 
1, plane design should be with the customer's building structure photograph echo, organically. Reasonable and effective use of space, to maximize the benefit of office space, adjust measures to local conditions, act according to actual circumstances, the plane design feeling is very strong. 
2, plane design should fully consider the customer's organization, department, and the number of functions, meet the particularity of various departments work and claim to the desktop space. 
3, plane design should meet the needs of customer management culture, to choose between openness and and privacy. Some company emphasis on communication and coordination, some company emphasis on trust, some emphasize independent work, the convenience of our graphic design requirements to meet customer management. 
4, the highest state of graphic design is to create cultural value, also create personalized, create beauty and artistic value. This requests us to combine the characteristics of customer's corporate culture, product image and the requirement of CI strategy. Low standards is to carry out decoration intention, to decorate a style; High standard is make up for the deficiency of decorate, complement each other with decorate a project, making profit. 
Style of design is the soul of interior design, which is the most striking part, also have different styles of graphic designing. Style design and graphic design on the one hand, more depends on the weight of the furniture design style and the use of color, it should also give full consideration to the requirements of customers personalized, unique; On the other hand, to meet the requirements of the aesthetic pursuit of beauty and art value, create the unique cultural value for customers, or modern, classical or fashion, elegant, luxurious, or contracted, sedate, or light spirit. 
It's also important to the application of color in the design, fully first to the choice of the changes in temperature relations with space fully, the second different color for different emotional appeal. The color of large area application, it is advisable to apply colour combination, avoid monotony. 
Excellent office furniture supplier is good at solve the problem for the customer, that is, from the height of the system to provide clients with the best overall solution, and create value for customers (value) refers to the individual and unique cultural value, and all this comes from the design. 
From another perspective, to buy office furniture, most customers are buy a few years time, also is not necessarily the specialist is responsible, is also unlikely to professionals responsible for, so far from any professional and experience, amateur when professional referees, is hard to avoid misunderstanding between many purchase, now listed below, for your reference. 
1, too low price, cost, price and value is often closely linked. Low prices of furniture is usually the cost is low, the quality is poor, the appearance and design are usually poor, also not what cultural value. Experienced purchasing all know, buy low price products, often have a lot of can't foresee the hidden danger, cause a lot of problems exist after the purchase, is regret. For most companies, 10-20% of the total gap is not much of a problem. 
2, buy brand Buy designer usually is not a mistake, but the purchase quantity is big, to our strengths, designer furniture furniture imports (especially) compared with the general domestic high-quality furniture, or your a lot, less is 50-100%, more than 200-300%. For famous brand furniture brand promotion expenses, or to pay a considerable amount of money; Besides the brand how good, also only fortunately some professionals to the details of the difference. In fact, strictly speaking, the brand is not equal to design, brand enterprises have a good designer, is not equal to every designer good, more is not equal to each case design excellence. The author is professional designers, many times to see brand enterprise of poor design (of course is one of the few cases), even deviate from the basic principle of design, color application error common-sense error, more is not equal to good design. 
3, obsessed with enterprise scale size can explain production capability is strong, does not mean that quality is good, strong design capability, in a sense, the scale and personalization, cultural value, or contradiction. Italian furniture is famous, but the Italian furniture enterprise scale is not large, very famous enterprise only dozens of people, but famous Italian furniture is to design, not the size. Customer want to buy is the quality and the service, including design, basic has nothing to do with the enterprise scale. 
4, fast delivery of products to buy, buy spot many clients lack of experience, does not take into account the upscale product production cycle, the office decoration is finished, just to buy, have a time delay, only settle for second best, buy fast delivery of products, from stock. This kind of product is usually cheap products, lack of personalized and culture value, even the quality is bad, generally cannot meet the needs of high-level clients. 
5, buy furniture city product A lot of customers to purchase the office furniture as a small thing, don't too care about, think to furniture city style more, then the furniture city, connect to see the right, can buy back. Little imagine, the furniture city style, high-quality goods less; With a high grade product, furniture city into less, most of the furniture city almost no high grade product. Furniture city in its essence, is actually the market, just as the theme with furniture, like garment city, circuit city, understanding of furniture is not deep, is unable to provide professional services, many customers buy back to just know is not appropriate, but it was already late. Such as where the office is the direction of the asymmetry, not all customers know, buy back and found not just know. Open space design is more difficult, more professional knowledge. Moreover, furniture city is not sell furniture should pay tax, and high cost (rent, salaries, administrative costs, electricity, etc.), the manufacturer is not difficult to find, such as zhongshan tyrone office supplies co., LTD., is a collection of professional design, development, production and sales for the integration of large-scale office furniture enterprise. Company formerly known as "zhongtai furniture manufacturing co., LTD., zhongshan city, specializing in the production of" China "brand various types of office furniture. Since it was founded in 1983, the company always adhere to the "first-class enterprise, first-class products, first-class reputation, first-class service" the enterprise objective. 30 years, strictly controlled continuously exceed, with excellent management, excellent quality and considerate service to win in the industry leading position, and has been the industry known as "evergreen tree". 
Zhongtai wing lung trade co., LTD is located in the high-tech zone of yulin city west the sunchime D building materials furniture expo center, is a specialized manufacturer of direct selling zhongtai products warehouse, can be specially designed for you to install, repair and maintenance guidance services, switch to create a good office environment for you. 
"Create quality products, to build good reputation" is the aim of the zhongtai people, zhongtai people with enthusiasm and efforts described her more broad prospects, thirty years of professional quality, achievement ten million brilliant career. Warmly welcome various merchants have Allies China and Thailand, to create a great cause. 
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