The difference between office partition and partition that occupy the home?
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 Office screen partition and partition in general there are some difference between both household, and has a part of the contact. So, whether we know office furniture partition and partition between specific have what differentiation? It is also decorate two directions: tooling and home decoration. 
Is mainly used in the office, office partition is more formal, decorate solemnly, pay attention to the main is generous, image, office partition, the main advantage is fashionable, elegant and generous, demanded the whole decorates a style and color more can reflect a company's corporate culture, and different partition crisscross and can reflect the beauty of the orderly. Office and the main function of office partition is convenient, and more reflect the corporate image of an enterprise. Look from the result, data lines, carpet and office ceiling and partition together, one integrated mass, beneficial to the development of the enterprise. And create a comfortable office environment is to let employees motivated. 
And home is the place of rest, a piece of partition mainly reflect the feeling of warm and harmonious home. So, this piece of the modelling of degrees of freedom is large, the design should pay attention to the change of the height, length, and the actual situation such as unity. The collocation of color partition is a part of whole bedroom, color should be in tune with the base part of the bedroom. The choice of materials and processing according to the above two principles, through our carefully selected and processed materials, so as to realize good image shaping and wonderful color collocation, finally realizes the warmth that occupy the home environment. 
From the partition, we know it is a kind of functional components, so the material of adornment effect can be in the first place. More than to master some basic principles, we can according to own hobby to design the partition in the bedroom. The choice of furniture partition commonly depends mainly on the integral style of the bedroom. And office furniture made with different style, also can obtain good effect. 
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