How do office furniture is put to the most perfect
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 Office units, screens, screen real wood class put the ideal position 
Office table, screen screens put in two kinds of circumstances, one kind is scriptorium chosen in the middle part of the office building, a writing room arrangement on the business floor underground, to write such a windowless, office furniture is put in the windowless office, main consideration is the relationship between two people, one is the office table, screen door screens and the relationship between the deployment, there are two things to note that one must pay attention to the office, can not be screen screens are facing the door, attention should be paid to sit office, screen after screens of people for a kind of common wall, can not have extra emptiness. 
Avoid office table, screen is opposite the door screens, mainly in order to make the leader at work, not susceptible to interference from outside noise and peep by others, avoid office table, screen after screens redundant emptiness, mainly in order to make the sat in the office, screen screens for commercial business, reduce from emptiness behind the office furniture and the feeling of unease, increase the reliability. 
Office furniture put, office table, screen before screens should have a more broad space, according to feng shui is a angry, can make the person's broad-minded. At the same time, office table, screen door screens distance far away, and the door is on the bevel is in the left front of the office furniture, or to avoid others from directly into and from the noise outside the door. Office table, screen of screens after is a solid wall, because the wall like mountains, give a person with strong feeling, and office units, screens are relying on the screen. 
Choose between the second case, write in the houses of the window, choose to have Windows in homes as scriptorium, first is to examine the environment out of the window, when required by window overlook, in window of the house as a office, the first thing to look out the window if there is a walkway, if there is a corridor, it is best to give up the other choose, because aisle were brilliant, footsteps, laughing, will affect the mood this q handling official business work. And, often by others peeping through the window. The desk ideal location 
After the environment observation well out of the window, indoor decoration desk is the most ideal plan: desk is steadfast after wall, on the left is a window, the window is a beautiful natural scenery, this constitutes a beautiful scenery, good daylighting, ventilated suitable working environment. Work in such an environment, absolutely ready lithe and work enthusiasm, high efficiency. Door open on the desk in the front right corner, is not easily influenced by outside noise and peep of others. If the office door open in the upper left corner, the desk can also adjust the corresponding position, as good effect, not affected by the so-called animal sign ji to say. 
Office decoration is taboo 
Office decoration of taboo, is mainly refers to the orientation of the decoration is not suitable for, mentor or trader has the feeling of discomfort when at work. Desk decoration taboos, there are five main kinds of conditions: 
1, avoid 座背 door 
Will directly across the desk and door decoration, who sat back door and it was the first to prevent the desk decoration. 
2, avoid side face 
The desk on the right side of the door, the desk and oblique to the door, made a side face of the taboo. Work can be disrupted, work efficiency is low, can also affect the physical well-being. 
3, avoid arcade near a window 
If the desk decoration on the pedestrian way under the window, is to put the desk in ShaQi under, but also often subjected to exchanges peep at others. 
4, avoid behind window seat 
If put desk parallel to the window, will be set between the window and the platform, the window as a screen. This card desk should be prevent. The window and sat down, about the business is bad. The wind after the attacks, often will feel back all day, often the past, can disrupt a person's body. If be in the cold wind, but also easily body lost balance, make people sick. The light from behind the people out of the window, got the backlight, backlight hinder eyesight. Window and sat back, didn't get a solid barrier. If is sill is too short, may also have the risk of accidentally fall, both should be prevented. 
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