A small screen, feng shui is big, to be reckoned with!
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 Screen everyone not unfamiliar, it is not only have the effect of blocking the line of sight, but also have the effect of blocking ShaQi. Generally the big occasion, offices or some families generally make the door rush inside, will be placed at the door a screen to block ShaQi. This is also the general feng shui master ShaQi at the gate of the resolve the most commonly used method. 
Screen, ancient building wind with the furniture, the so-called "screen the wind". 
A, screen, also called "the wall" screen 
Start screen is specially designed to behind the throne, the emperor called "of being killed. After a long development, the screen spread to folk, entered the ordinary people, has become an important part of the ancients of interior decoration. 
When it comes to the feng shui of screen effect, can not fail to mention "the wall" screen. Ancient Chinese courtyard architecture, interior and exterior tend to have "the wall" screen door. Screen wall is in view of the "gas" rush evil spirit, set up by the geomantic learn, regardless of river or road, taboo straight, "hoses via" cloud: "straight Roman ding", hit the cat. 
A screen wall, air will around the screen and slow down the air velocity, air is slow, do not come loose, comply with the principle of "song of sentient beings". Beijing the imperial palace, almost in every hospital every house have the wall screen, the difference just material: or for the brick, or for wooden, or for the jade. Make the inlet air velocity slows down and the screen not only have the effect of polyethylene gas; Also causes air currents to slow down close to the speed of vital energy, make the person produces intimacy, and utilities are beneficial to the health of residents. 
Second, the screen display 
Skillfully use screen in the lounge, for instance, some small aura will cut into the lounge to get together gas, adjust the route of the "angry", make yourself the most popular within the aura, and make the customers or negotiation opponent in the aura of the weakest. 
In terms of the perspective of feng shui, the screen has a evil spirit, fortune, get together gas, hidden, and so on. And on the auspicious patterns can also improve the fortunes of the residents, according to the quality of the residents and so on. Actually speaking, the evil spirit of evil spirit in all items in the screen, the feng shui is a very significant role. Screen now used as increasingly prominent adornment ornament of feng shui, build the bedroom emotional appeal of auspicious thing, screen location if placed properly, the meaning of feng shui to daily life of inestimable life and work and study. 
Porch screen door and door is more relevant, contemporary household geomantic porch screen with this role. Some household and adjacent road, some nearby factories, construction sites, the stink, hospitals, temples, funeral home, etc. The feng shui, nature affect the charm of the portal, porch screen blocking the work evil spirit are highlighted. 
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