The application of the intelligent office furniture is decorated in the office
Time:August 5,2016    Hits:700  
 Our office decoration workers feel now some people still think smart home, intelligent office he was often far away, even the existing part "smart" is only the rich fresh stuff, but they never expected the development of human science and technology and manufacturing technology fast let humans are inundated with yourself, think back to when we just use the digital product was more excited ah, intelligent decorate what MOTOROLA's mobile phone, intelligent digital machine, etc., decorate decorate intelligent development in a twinkling of an eye to the point where now, however, say the figure of intelligent products in various fields can be seen everywhere, our intelligent era so quietly but go to, is unstoppable! Office decoration 
Second, intelligent repair intelligent repair in our office is in the design should be integrated into the office automation system, such as for the electric equipment can be expanded to more appropriate and reasonable planning and design, thus to set up a computer terminal and electronic intercom and multi-function telephone system, so the company's internal staff communication will get unprecedented strengthening. 
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