Office furniture color & meaning
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 Whether have a color or no color, has its own features, each kind of color is the purity and lightness change it, or are in a different color collocation, color expression would be changed. So if you want to tell all sorts of color expression characteristics, like to tell everyone in the world of personality traits as difficult, for the typical character, however, we can still make some description. 
Green, Green, 
In commercial design, green conveys the relaxed, ideal, hope, the growth of the image, in the service industry, the health care industry, in order to avoid eye strain while working in the factory, a lot of work of the mechanical and adopt green, general medical institutions of the place, also often use green color planning for space namely medical supplies. 
Bright green is a very beautiful and elegant color, its vitality, a symbol of life. Green tolerance, generosity, and can accommodate almost all color. The purpose of the green is very broad, childhood, youth, middle-aged, or old age, use green never lost its lively, easy. Among various kinds of painting, decoration is inseparable from the green, green also can be used as a kind of leisure color. 
Blue Blue 
Blue is broad and colour, the sky and the sea this vast scenery is blue. Blue is the symbol of eternity, it is the most cold colors. Pure blue show a beautiful, gentle and quiet, reason, peace and clean. 
Due to the nature of blue composed, with reason, accurate image, in the commercial design, emphasis on science and technology, the efficiency of the product or corporate image, mostly use blue when standard color, color of the enterprise, such as computers, cars, photocopiers, photographic equipment, etc., the other blue also represents melancholy, it is influenced by the western culture, the image is also used in literary works or emotional appeal of commercial design. 
Yellow, Yellow, 
Yellow is bright, brilliant, with the sun's shining, a symbol of the light up the darkness of the light of wisdom. Yellow with golden light, there is a symbol of wealth and power, it is the colour of pride. On industrial coloring, yellow are often used to warn of dangerous or draw attention to, such as the yellow light on the traffic signs, project with big machines, the students with a raincoat and rain boots, etc., all use yellow. Against the background of yellow in the black and purple can achieve power enlarged unlimitedly, yellow and green are suitable, seem to be very vibrant, energetic; Yellow and blue are suitable, appear beautiful, pure and fresh; Pale yellow with deep yellow to match is the most elegant. 
Gray, Gray, 
Gray with a soft, elegant image, and belongs to middle character, men and women all can accept, so the gray is always popular main color, in many high-tech products, and metal materials, in particular, almost always use grey to convey senior, the image of science and technology, using gray, mostly use combination of different levels change or he with other colour, does not have a single, boring, and inflexible, rigid feeling. 
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