From the desk: see through your work personality!
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 Desk characteristics: is almost empty, only the computer, keyboard and mouse and no decoration, pen, sundry, no life. 
Work style: he admired "simple" way of working, always with the minimum effort to complete the task. He often inadvertently ignore email, always pay work report in the last minute, likes to keep silent at the meeting. Finish eat lunch is often a long time, not immediately wash the dishes. 
Be careful he: at work, while looking for other work. 
Hoarding control 

Desk features: pushing a mountain of files, each drawer. All receipts, bottles and old meeting notes, on the table. 
Work style: everything want to tube, often offered ideas, take the initiative to sign up for each action group, steal when the team leader. Mail often and novel he has written. 
Be careful: his table may become a fire hazard. 
Don't record the death star 

Desk features: his desk is "life moments" gallery, filled with photographs, postcards, snacks, degree certificate and trophies, and so on. 
Work style: he is a good team member, cherish every work dinner party. He would be happy to help other colleagues, almost can remember everyone's birthday. He will backup each file. He have to chat forever gossip, talkative about recent holiday travel. 
Be careful: he will be top secret documents framed on the table. 
Technology curtilage 

Desk features: his desk equipped with the most advanced equipment, have more than one LCD screen and a variety of connector of the charger. 
Work style: he likes to optimize workflow, also often take part in all kinds of video conference. He at the meeting, often from a variety of popular words, will be very cool PPT. Always complain the office network speed not fast enough. Sometimes secretly playing games. 
Be careful he: too much access devices, voltage instability caused by office. 
The sick for a long time 

Desk characteristics: with a large bottle of hand sanitizer, air purifier and forever no shortage of toilet paper. Chair, keyboard and mouse, all in accordance with human body engineering. 
Work style: he number of sick days than office all combined, allergy, food poisoning, or influenza. He basically can cope with job unless sick. He put sticky notes on his desk to remind yourself to wash their hands, but also the office of the cabinet moved to his seat, and colleagues often talk a recent illness. 
Beware of him: drink cough water addiction. 
Zen master 

Desk characteristics: with a few green plant, keeps a cylinder goldfish, art also posted on the wall. 
Work style: he always optimistic, always positive feedback to colleagues, to everyone's ideas are very supportive. He doesn't care about the deadline unless fired by the company. He often share inspirational story, barefoot walk in the office, will organize collective yoga together. 
Be careful he: reception customer, and meditation. 
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